Rio de Janeiro, June 3rd, 2020 - BR MALLS PARTICIPAÇÕES S.A., publicly-held company located at Avenida Afrânio de Melo Franco 290, 1st floor, in the city and state of Rio de Janeiro, under CNPJ nº 06.977.745/0001-91 ("brMalls" or "Company"), hereby announces that brMalls has established a partnership with B2W - Companhia Digital ("B2W") and Delivery Center ("Delivery Center"), to integrate shopping mall’s stores into B2W’s Marketplace ("Agreement").

The agreement will allow for over 6,000 stores located in our malls to sell their products in the B2W Marketplace (, Submarino and Shoptime), and will also allow the stores to be integrated with their O2O solutions (Online to Off-line), as well as Delivery Center’s solutions. With this, stores will be able to send products (assortments and inventory from each store) and make them available for in-store pick-up, and customers will now have the Ship from Store (same day delivery to the desired address, with the product being delivered directly from the store) and Click and Collect services available.

The partnership helps to minimize the Covid-19 pandemic impacts by enabling customers to have faster access to the products they need, without leaving their home during the period of social distancing. This initiative also offers tenants new sales channels that enables an increase in sales.

This agreement is in line with the Company‘s omnichannel strategy, that aims to integrate physical to online retail through connections with marketplaces, multichannel solutions and use malls as logistical hubs.